Why Are Bowling Shoes Required: Things to Know (2023)

When you go to a bowling alley, after purchasing the ticket, the ticket seller will require you to a pair of bowling shoes before entering the game. On the bowling lanes, street shoes are not permitted. It is a common thought that bowling shoes are unfashionable and extremely slippery, but it is a must-have-wearing product.

Have you ever wondered why? Keep reading if you’re intrigued about bowling shoes and what they do. In this post, we’ll explain why you must wear bowling shoes and tell you a little more about them.

4 Reasons why you have to wear bowling shoes

Safe for the movement 

Wear bowling shoes to avoid tripping and damaging your ankles, feet, knees, and back. When you wear ordinary shoes, they have a probability of sticking to the floor.

When your shoes become caught while moving the ball forward, you risk tripping over your feet and dropping the ball or stumbling past the foul line. If you lose control of the hefty bowling ball, you might damage yourself and those nearby. 

Make appropriate movement

For beginners, their slim form allows you to slide down the lanes at a much smoother pace. Bowling shoes play an important role in making your nice move.  If you wear standard shoes that you have worn outside, you may become stuck and fall flat on your face if the soles are not smooth or if there is moisture on them. Even if they have smooth soles, dirt or stones brought in from the outside might harm the polish on the approach.

Protect the lanes

It contributes to the cleanliness of the bowling alleys. These lanes are often built of polished wood, giving them a gleaming and sleek look. If everyone was permitted to bowl in the shoes they came in with, the lanes would quickly get covered in dirt, grass, pebbles, water, salt, and other detritus.

Street shoe dirt and debris can muck up the lanes and make them less smooth, affecting your game and necessitating more cleanup time from the bowling alley workers. Some of this material may even harm the surface of the lanes, which is extremely difficult to fix repeatedly. This may imply that you must pay extra to bowl to cover the cleaning expense.

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Support bowlers for better pull: 

It sometimes contains removable bottoms with varied amounts of slide, allowing bowlers to modify their shoes to meet their own style and technique. This can assist bowlers in maintaining better control of their motions and delivering the ball with greater precision and force.

Does bowling shoes hygienic?

You’ll be relieved to learn that bowling alleys disinfect bowling shoes between uses. When you return your shoes to the front desk, most bowling alleys spray them with disinfectant.

Although other bowling alleys clean shoes in different ways, this is the quickest and least expensive alternative. Some bowling alleys may even flash a UV light on the shoes to hunt for germs.

However, owing to scheduling restrictions, this is uncommon. Regardless of the procedures used by your bowling alley, rest assured that rental bowling shoes are periodically sanitized.

Do bowling shoes have any drawbacks? 

Bowling shoes are not always available in the width that you require. The incorrect shoe width might result in an uncomfortable shoe-wearing experience.

You must pay to use it, which increases your entire bowling cost. Bowling shoe rentals are usually affordable, but if you’re on a tight budget, this may be an issue.

Because bowling shoes have slick bottoms, you may struggle to keep your balance at first. You will, however, become accustomed to it with time.

Shared bowling shoes, depending on how thoroughly your bowling facility cleans them, might be unhygienic. Not every bowling alley shoe attendant is conscientious about cleaning the shoes.

Are there any types of shoes that can replace bowling shoes?

At the present, there is no type of pair of shoes that serves an equivalent function as bowling shoes do. Bowling with bowling shoes rather than your regular shoes helps both you and the bowling alley be safe.

In case you consider the hygienic of bowling shoes, you should find a pair that suits you. This will help you to pick a pair that you genuinely enjoy wearing. You may also be able to obtain specialist accessories, such as replaceable soles or right- or left-handed bowling shoes, to improve your game.

Should we rent or buy bowling shoes? Which is better? 

Most novices rent bowling shoes from the alley for a few dollars. However, if you do the arithmetic, even a casual bowler will benefit from purchasing his or her own pair.

Aside from the cost, there are several more reasons why purchasing your own set of bowling shoes is a smart option.

Rental shoes are often older, less expensive, and more worn out. Bowling alleys typically do not want to pay the money to replace them. Furthermore, many bowlers dislike wearing shoes that have already been worn by hundreds of other people.

You may buy economical bowling shoes in a range of colors and far cooler styles, as well as extra amenities like cushioned insoles and linings.

Athletic shoes are the most basic sort of bowling shoes for beginners. If you’re a serious bowler, you’ll want to learn about the alternative option: performance shoes. These unique bowling shoes have separate bottoms for each foot, depending on which hand you bowl with.

The softer, sliding sole will only be on your lead foot, which is the foot opposite your bowling hand. That implies a right-handed bowler’s pair will have a sliding sole on the left shoe, as that is the one he or she slides with on the approach. The second shoe will be built with extra grip to help you slow down and steady your body when you birth.

Final thoughts: 

In conclusion, albeit bowling shoes may have a bit drawbacks, they bring plenty of benefits to every bowler. As you become more expert in bowling, wearing bowling shoes is always a must-have item. 

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