Is Converse Well For Bowling? An Ultimate Answer For Bowlers

Bowling is an exciting and entertaining activity to enjoy with your family members and friends, without a doubt. 

Is it your first time going to the bowling alley? You may be confused about what to wear to feel comfortable during the game. 

Besides clothes, you should choose fitting footwear for a better experience and performance.

Is converse well for bowling? Do you need to use specialized types for this sport? This article will discuss these concerns and show you the answer.

Let’s scroll down to uncover!

Is Converse Good For Bowling? 

The short answer is No! The converse is not designed for sliding on the bowling lanes because its sole doesn’t feature a gripping surface. 

For this reason, if you try to use this footwear for bowling, you may fall regularly and injure yourself. 

You cannot enter a bowling alley wearing street footwear like Converse since they would scratch the ground and make you stick to it.

Besides, using converse on the lanes increases the risk of tracking in debris, and wetness, damaging the surface or making other players’ shoes stick.

Can You Wear Sneakers When Bowling? 

The short answer is No! You use your sneakers for most activities in daily life. So they may leave wet spots, dirt, marks, or smudges on the lane. 

As a result, these things will affect the bowling shoes of the following players when they bowl. 

For instance, wet spots may cause the player to stop during their approach or fall suddenly. 

Furthermore, regular sneakers are heavy, making it challenging to move from one side to the other. 

This way, you put more stress on your leg and eventually cause potential injuries. For example, you may sprain your knee, ankle, or hip. 

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Do You Need Bowling Shoes?

Yes! It’s essential to wear bowling shoes to improve your experience and performance, no matter what level you are at. 

You will find it hard to perform the accurate sliding movement on the lane with regular sneakers as they may stick to this lane and stop you abruptly. 

However, it is a different story if you use bowling shoes. You can slide smoothly on the bowling lane with more effortless motion. 

This footwear will prevent players from hurting themselves as it helps them move more effortlessly and stop more safely. 

These footwear types aren’t only good for your feet; they also do a terrific job of keeping the lanes free from damage.

They have unique outsoles composed of materials that won’t damage or scuff the floors.

Do You Have To Wear Flat Shoes For Bowling?

The answer is yes! The soles of bowling shoes should be entirely flat and have no heel. They often feature rubber and leather construction and synthetic laces.

The leather is highly durable, while the rubber sole is designed to create lane slickness. 

Unlike other footwear, the bottom pad includes a slide base that assists your bowling with a smooth gliding action.

Due to their ability to provide just the right amount of slide, flat bowling shoes improve your performance.

A typical footwear or sneaker grip is not ideal when playing this sport. You may want to walk smoothly in flat bowling footwear on a flat, slick lane.

With this unique footwear, you may complete your release without falling or being stuck on the surface.

The smoother general movement produced by higher slip allows you to more effectively manage your ball’s direction and push it with just the control and force you need.

Are Bowling Shoes Expensive?

The cost of these footwear types will significantly vary, depending on several factors, such as material or brands. It means you can get cheap pairs. 

You may expect a pair of bowling shoes ranging from $30 – $200. Depending on your budget and preference, you can get either a cheap or an expensive type. 

If you are a novice bowler, you should buy footwear at a moderate price to experience first before investing too much money in this sport. 

Otherwise, you can rent this footwear at the bowling alleys if you don’t plan to purchase it. The rental cost will range from $3 to $5/pair. 

Should Bowling Shoes Be Tight? 

The answer is no! These shoes shouldn’t be too tight. Otherwise, it will cause chafing, pain, and blisters

Before selecting this footwear, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s size chart and consult a professional. 

If you’re between sizes, it’s better to size up instead of sizing down because you will wear socks when playing this sport.

However, it would be best if you didn’t choose excessively loose footwear as it may cause your feet to slide around, which makes it hard to perform the motion. 

This video may be helpful for you in selecting a suitable pair:

The Bottom Line

Is converse well for bowling? No! You should never wear street footwear or regular sneakers when playing this activity, as you may suddenly hurt yourself or fall. 

Always use bowling shoes when you play this sport for better performance and more effortless movement. 

We hope this post will be beneficial for your experience. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!

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