How Common Is A 300 In Bowling: Things to Know ( 2023 )

300 is the ultimate achievement for any bowling player, whether you play for fun or join a professional game. This perfect score is so rare that you can barely encounter it in your daily life. 

To achieve a 300, you must possess excellent skills, coordination, and especially luck. Therefore, many people have asked: How common is a 300 in bowling?

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How Common Is A 300 In Bowling?

The odds of scoring a perfect 300 in bowling is 1 to 11500 for average players. Also, the possibility is significantly higher for professionals, reaching 1 to 460. 

Is The Ratio True?

This ratio means that every 11500 games of bowling will see one game with the perfect 300 score. This odd is applicable to the average players and kids with entry-level to decent skills. 

Meanwhile, the chance of scoring 300 is significantly higher in a professional bowling game. The professional players possess advanced skills and experience, thus increasing their chance of reaching 300. 

Yet, 300 is very hard to reach because it doesn’t require skill solely. You have to resort to luck to get 300 because a small mistake can ruin the whole game. 

What’s 300 In Bowling?

Many players know that 300 is the highest score you can reach in a bowling game, but the process of achieving it is also worth knowing.

Researching more into the 300 scores will reveal numerous interesting facts. 

To reach this perfect score, you have to make 12 consecutive strikes from the beginning to the game’s end. However, 300 can occur anywhere, from a professional bowling game to a night with your friends and family. 

Kids can score a perfect 300 score, but the possibility is significantly lower than the professional players who have mastered their techniques and skills. 

That said, 300 is still extremely rare in bowling. It can occur by accidents because you cannot intentionally reach 300. So, 300 games are rarely recorded. 

The Percentage Of Players Who Have Bowled A 300

You can apply the same ratios of the game to calculate the percentage of players reaching 300. For example, the possibility of a 300 score in ordinary bowling games is 1 to 11500. 

This means that every 11500 players will see one that ever scores a 300 score. Though this ratio is only estimated, it can accurately reflect the actual ratio. 

Then, you can calculate that the percentage of ordinary players who have bowled a 300 is 0,0087%. The number of professional players is 0,0021%. 


Does It Take Long To Bowl A 300?

You have to take 12 consecutive strikes to reach 300, which is extremely hard. Therefore, it takes a very long time for someone who can get a 300 score. 

There haven’t been professional players who can score 300 times in 2 to 3 years. 

The time is significantly longer for regular players and kids. There is a large proportion of players who have never reached 300 in their lives.

Who Was The Youngest Person To Have Ever Bowled A 300?

Hannah Diem is recognized as the youngest bowling player to have ever reached a 300. She achieved it at the age of nine years and six months in 2013.

Who Was The Oldest Person To Have Ever Bowled A 300?

The oldest player to have ever bowled a 300 is Garry Van Wyck. He did it at the age of 77 on 7 March 2022.

How Regularly Do Professional Players Bowl A 300?

As mentioned above, the chance of scoring a perfect 300 score in a professional league is 1 to 460. It means that every 460 professional bowling games will see one game with a perfect score. 

Of course, scoring 300 is the ultimate goal for any professional player, but they cannot do it even when trying. If a professional player plays approximately 50 to 60 games a week, he can reach 300 every 1 to 2 months. 

300 Vs. Hole-In-One: Which Is Rarer?

Hole-in-one is definitely rarer and harder than 300 as an achievement. The most excellent golfer of all time, Tiger Woods, can score 18 hole-in-one throughout his career, which is a very small number. 

The hole-in-one is a big surprise for even the most competent players. Meanwhile, the chance for professional bowlers to reach 300 points in one game is significantly higher. 

To clarify this thesis, the odds of a pro player performing a hole-in-one is 1 to 2000 or 3000. Meanwhile, the possibility of a 300 in professional bowling games is only 1 to 460.  

What Is The Average Bowling Score Of The Players?

The score depends on the skill, knowledge, and experience of the players. Therefore, the average scores are not the same between professional leagues and regular bowling games. 

At the entry-level, a beginner player usually reaches from 50 points to 70 points in the first bowling game. Meanwhile, the average player with decent skills and experience can achieve an average score of 130-150 every game. 

Regarding the pro and advanced players, the average score increases to 200 or much higher. Many excellent players can easily reach 250 points or more in many consecutive games. 

Final Thoughts

The odds of achieving the perfect 300 scores in one bowling game are 1 to 11500. This means every 11500 bowling games see one game with this score. 

Meanwhile, the chance of professional players achieving this perfect score is many times higher than kids and average bowlers. Nevertheless, it’s an extremely rare event that will bring you tremendous happiness and pride. 

Sometimes just capacity is not sufficient. It requires the luck factor for you to reach 300. I hope you are satisfied with the answer provided.

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