How Do You Choose The Right Bowling Ball? ( 2023 )

Bowling with the appropriate ball will substantially increase your scores and consistency, yet there are so many different types and sizes of balls. Finding the proper ball may be difficult and stressful for novices, so seek assistance from your local pro shop or bowling center operator.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to select a proper bowling ball in no time.


Some recommend that your ball be around 10% of your body weight, up to a maximum of 16 pounds. Most professional bowlers use 16-pound balls, while 15-pounders are used by more than you may believe. Another option is to increase the weight of the house ball by one or two pounds. A heavier ball drilled particularly for your hand may appear to weigh roughly the same as a house ball but will be two pounds lighter.

During a bowling ball’s contact with the pins, the weight of the ball may be felt. If you choose a lighter ball, the pins may not be knocked down as well. If you have a heavier ball, attempting to toss it at a regular speed may cause the ball to lose momentum. The pins will almost definitely not be knocked down. Alternatively, if you chose to use greater force, you may be able to successfully knock down the pins. However, you may be injured.

As a result, both the lighter and heavier balls have their own set of limits and benefits. The appropriate ball weight for bowling is determined by a person’s degree of competence as well as physical features such as height.

Even if you follow these criteria, you should never utilize a ball that is overly heavy simply because you think you should. The heaviest ball you can easily throw is the true ideal ball weight.


Urethane, reactive resin, and particle are all materials that may be used to make bowling balls. Each substance has distinct qualities that can influence how the ball performs on the lanes.

  1. Urethane bowling balls: The urethane bowling ball is a highly attractive option for experts and casual students. The coverstock is more resilient since it is constructed of urethane. 
  2. Reactive resin bowling balls: A reactive bowling ball is a particular kind of ball with an outside layer made of a chemical that improves the ball’s lane grip. Reactive balls are among the most well-liked ball kinds on the market because of the special characteristics that result from this mix of materials.
  3. Particle bowling balls: Bowling balls with particle coverstock are known as particle bowling balls. The fact that particle bowling balls are sometimes referred to as snow tires with chains suggests that they are highly robust and frictional in their approach.

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Finger size: 

When choosing a bowling ball, the size of the finger holes is an important feature to consider. The ball should fit snugly but not too firmly in your hand, and your fingers should fit snugly but not too tightly in the holes. It will be difficult to handle and control the ball if it is too tiny. If the ball is excessively big, it will be difficult to grasp and toss.

Here are some pointers for choosing the proper size of finger holes:

  1. Using a finger gauge or a piece of thread, measure the circumference of your fingers.
  2. To find the proper size of finger holes for your fingers, see a sizing chart. Sizing charts are available on several bowling ball manufacturers’ websites or in their catalogs.
  3. Try out several finger hole sizes to find which ones feel the most comfortable.

Pre-drilled bowling balls are available, but if you’re going to use one, you might as well save your money and use a home ball. A ball drilled precisely for your hand provides you with better control while also lowering your risk of injury dramatically. Take your ball to a pro shop and get it measured and drilled by a specialist. Some businesses provide free drilling with the purchase of a ball, but bespoke drilling is typically reasonable and worthwhile. 

Building practice habits with your ball:

Keep Fit

Bowling, like any other sport, uses the majority of your muscles. It would be beneficial to keep your body in good shape in order to function optimally. You may sign up for exercise or weight-loss classes.

Perfect Your Swing

When bowling, arm swinging is essential. Before going to the bowling alley, practice your arm movement in front of a mirror at home.

Perfect It Every Day

If you can’t go to the lanes that day, you may practice by talking about it with friends, watching videos, or reading about it online. There are several helpful resources available online. Visualizing it will undoubtedly enhance your bowling movements.

Final thoughts: 

Bowling balls are a wonderful after-work or weekend activity. It benefits our health by improving our memory. To select the best bowling ball, you must examine various criteria, including the ball’s weight, coverstock, core, and correct drilling. These elements are all related in some manner and have an effect on bowling performance.

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