Can You Use A Bowling Ball Without Holes? ( 2023 )

The majority of bowlers have occasionally rolled their ball down the lane without using the pre-drilled holes. It was probably a casual game rather than a match, whether it was a kid using two hands or an adult flaunting.

You can bowl without utilizing the bowling ball’s holes. To stop bowlers from making unlawful balance holes, unused holes must be sealed. The thumb hole may be covered with a two-finger grip, or you can use a ball without any holes by drilling 2, 3, 4, or 5 holes while using the same amount of fingers to hold the ball. 

However, As the holes are required for the fingers and thumb to hold the ball, a bowling ball without holes is not commonly utilized for the sport of bowling. A bowling ball wouldn’t be able to be held or thrown with any accuracy or control if it didn’t have any holes.

Why bowling ball with holes is necessary? 

A bowling ball needs holes for a variety of reasons.


The bowler can grasp the ball and manage its release thanks to the finger openings. The bowler may apply varying levels of pressure to the ball, changing its rotation and speed, by inserting their fingers and thumbs through the holes. This can assist the bowler aim more precisely and provides them more control over the ball’s trajectory. 

Additionally, the size and design of the holes have an impact on how the ball rotates, which has an impact on how the ball moves. As a result, the bowler may be able to give the ball various kinds of hooks or spin so that it strikes the pins with various results.

Additionally, the ball fits snugly and firmly in the bowler’s hand thanks to the tailored finger holes, allowing him or her to concentrate on throwing rather than clutching the ball.

Overall, the presence of holes in the bowling ball aids in the bowler’s improved control of the ball’s release, rotation, speed, trajectory, and hook, which heightens the sport’s excitement and difficulty.


The weight distribution and grip of drilled bowling balls, also known as bowling balls with holes, can be altered. The center of gravity of the ball may be changed to fit the individual bowler’s throwing style and preferences by drilling holes in certain places on the ball. To provide the bowler with a snug and firm grip, the size and placement of the holes can also be changed. A bowler’s accuracy and consistency may be enhanced with this level of personalization.


The ball’s rotation is influenced by the size and form of the holes. This implies that a bowler may utilize several balls with varied rates of spin to produce various effects while striking the pins.


A bowling ball with holes may have its weight distribution changed by strategically placing the holes on the ball. In order to produce a greater amount of spin on the ball, which will produce a stronger hook, a bowler may decide to drill the holes farther toward the thumb side of the ball. The ball’s hook is also influenced by the bowler’s grip and release of the ball.

Therefore, the center of gravity of the ball may be changed to cause it to rotate more (hook) as it travels down the lane by drilling holes in precise locations and changing the size of the ball.

Allowing Air to Escape: 

Holes enable air to escape from the ball while throwing and also reduce friction on the ball’s surface, which helps the ball fly farther at high speeds.

Overall, the holes in a bowling ball are an essential component of the design since they enable the bowler to grasp, control, and modify the spin and hook of the ball, which is why it’s required for the sport.

How to play with bowling balls safely?

Here are some pointers for playing safely when using bowling balls:

  • Make sure the ball is properly fitted to your body by checking its weight and size before using it. A ball that is overly heavy or tiny might be dangerous and difficult to handle.
  • Use the appropriate method: Throw the ball using the proper technique. Back, shoulder, arm, and wrist injuries are possible as a result of improper technique.
  • Stretching and warming up are important before you begin bowling. By doing this, muscular injuries and strains may be avoided.
  • Put on the proper footwear: Choose flat-soled shoes with a smooth sole, such as bowling shoes. Wearing heels or shoes with rough bottoms might make it more difficult to maintain your balance, which increases your chance of getting hurt.
  • When bowling, be mindful of your surroundings and use caution around the alley. Keep an eye out for other bowlers and be cautious of balls that could be returning your way.
  • Follow Lane’s rules: Adhere to all of the bowling alley’s rules and regulations, particularly those that pertain to safety.
  • Ask for assistance: Consult a coach or an instructor if you are having problems with your technique or are in discomfort while bowling.
  • Don’t attempt to force it: If you have discomfort or an injury, stop playing or take a rest. Trying to force it will just make things worse.
  • You can play bowling securely if you abide by these recommendations. Always prioritize your safety, and make sure you enjoy yourself.

Final thoughts: 

A beginner’s game might suffer from not utilizing the holes. Try the 4-hole or 5-hole grip if you decide not to use the holes due to discomfort. As an alternative to ten-pin bowling, there are several bowling games using completely unpunched balls.


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