Can You Put Bowling Shoes In The Washer? (Things to Consider)

Putting footwear in the washing is an effective, quick, and convenient way to clean them. However, there are always the potential risks of ruining the footwear’s material and appearance. 

Many people have asked me: can you put bowling shoes in the washer? In this post, I will explore the advantages and disadvantages of putting bowling shoes in a washer to give you a detailed answer. 

In addition, I will provide you with some additional tips and alternative methods to help you clean the bowling shoes effortlessly. Now let’s jump straight in!

Can You Put Bowling Shoes In The Washer?

Yes, you can definitely use the washer to clean your bowling shoes. However, it is recommended to use cold water and set the machine at low power to avoid damaging the shoes’ structure and materials. 

In addition, you should remove all the dirt and debris clinging to your shoes before putting them in the washer. It’s also advisable to protect the shoes in a laundry bag to reduce the potential damage on their surface. 

The washing cycle of the washer can easily damage the shoes’ structure and make them lose their original shapes. Therefore, you should only set the washer to low power. 

If you worry about ruining the shape of your shoes, clog a piece of cloth or towel in its middle. Lastly, you must let your shoes dry under air and sunlight because the dryer can damage their material. 

Steps To Wash Bowling Shoes Using The Washer

It is critical to consider the materials and design of your bowling shoes before cleaning. You should check the owner’s manual or product information to know if your shoes are safe in the washer. 

Some bowling shoes can withstand the pressure of washing machines, while others cannot. If your shoes can be cleaned by the washer, follow the guidance below to clean them effectively. 

Wipe The Bowling Shoes Using A Piece of Cloth

You will need a soft, damp, and mild piece of cloth for cleaning the bowling shoes. This step will remove the debris and dirt clinging to the shoes before putting them in the washing machine. 

You can add a little leather cleaner or soap to the cloth and mix it with warm water to increase the results. Soap can remove odors and stains more effectively. 

Then, use the cloth and start wiping the shoes’ exterior. You should spend time brushing the soiled and dirty areas underneath using circular motions. 

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Wash The Shoes 

Before putting the shoes in the washing machine, you can cover them in a laundry bag. The bag will protect your shoes by removing friction.

Then, set the power washer to low power and start cleaning your shoes. You should monitor the shoes’ conditions to ensure there is no unwanted damage.

Clean Up The Sliding Strip

The sliding strip on bowling shoes helps users slide smoothly on the ground and approach the foul line easier. Therefore, it’s critical to keep this component clean and smooth. 

You should cover the sliding trip adequately to avoid scratching or damaging this component. You can reclean the strip by wiping it with a soft and damp cloth after taking it out of the washer. 

Let Your Shoes Dry

After taking the shoes out of the washer, let them dry under natural air and sunlight. Don’t use a dryer because high temperatures can shrink and damage the footwear’s material. 

Accessories To Clean Your Bowling Shoes

There are various accessories that help you clean bowling shoes efficiently. Here are some popular options you should include in your cleaning kit. 

Shoe Brush: Choose the brushes explicitly designed for bowling shoes. They are made from soft materials that can remove dirt and debris without damaging the shoes’ surface. 

Leather Cleaner: Don’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality leather cleaner that can remove the stubborn stain and dirt clinging to the shoe’s surface. 

Deodorizers: Deodorizers are indispensable if your bowling shoes frequently develop bad smells on the inside. They are available in many forms like inserts, powders, and sprays.

How To Deodorize Bowling Shoes?

The most effective and straightforward way is using the deodorizer spray. The sprays can quickly freshen up the inner air and remove the unpleasant odors clinging to your bowling shoes. 

If you don’t have a deodorizing spray, use baking soda as an alternative option. It has the capacity to absorb unpleasant odors, which is also safe for your bowling shoes. 

How To Maintain Bowling Shoes?

The most critical thing to maintaining bowling shoes is to clean them regularly. It keeps your shoes fresh and clean while retaining their beautiful appearance. 

Also, store the bowling shoes in a dry, moisture-free, and cool place to increase their lifespan. Water and sunlight can damage the shoes’ structure and materials quickly. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, it’s safe to clean bowling shoes in the washing machine. However, you should cover the shoes carefully and put the device to low power.

In addition, ensure that your bowling shoes are entirely safe for the washer. If they are not, you should opt for other cleaning methods to avoid damaging the footwear. Thank you for reading!


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